Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rec 3 Movie - Rec Prequel

Rec 3 Movie - Rec 3 GenesisFollowing the success of the first two Rec movies, Filmax has announced that they're planning 2 more Rec movies. So yes, we can definitely get ready for Rec 3! The movie is currently in pre-production. It is set for a release in 2011. Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza will both be back to direct the project.

The movie Rec 3 is titled Rec genesis. It isn't a sequel to the second film, it's actually a prequel predating the events seen in the first Rec movie: Rec 3 will explore the origins or the zombie virus. So I guess we'll learn how the zombie girl from the attic was possessed in the first place and also how and why the priest locked her in the attic instead of getting rid of her.

Considering the plot of Rec 3, I guess the film won't be based on the same claustrophobic concept as in the first two movies. But you can still sign me up for the movie Rec 3, definitely, because I've been really dying to know the origin of that evil zombie girl!

Hope to get more details about the movie Rec 3 soon, so stay tuned!